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Jul 6, 2022

Yours, Mine, Ours is published today by Sandycove

Sinead Moriarty’s

What's another branch on the family tree?

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Things are finally looking up for Anna. Seventeen miserable years of marriage to man-child Connor have left her drained and ready for a new start. So when they separate, she couldn't be more thrilled to move in with James, a handsome lecturer who is everything her ex-husband is not: kind, thoughtful, and above all, reliable.

But Anna and James's kids hate living with the loved-up couple and the new set-up. Their teenage daughters - one a studious high achiever and the other a cool rich girl unbothered by grades or exams - have nothing in common. And Anna's wild football-mad nine-year-old son declares war on bookish James.

Nobody said step-parenting was easy; Anna and James are about to find out exactly how complicated it can be. With exes, new partners-of-exes and money all in the mix, home life is fast becoming a minefield and their new-found happiness hangs in the balance. Do they have what it takes to make their blended family work?

Sinead Moriarty is the number one bestselling author of 15, widely translated, novels published by Penguin Random house. She is also a books ambassador, newspaper columnist, and a former board member of the Arts Council.

Praise for 'Yours, Mine, Ours’

“Sinéad Moriarty writes consistently EXCELLENT novels about contemporary life - Yours, Mine, Ours is her best to date. A thoughtful, nuanced exploration of the very real dilemmas of a blended family. There are no trite solutions but it's still a hopeful book, full of love”

Marian Keyes

“With her trademark wit and wisdom, Sinéad gets to the core of what makes a family, what breaks a family and what can put it back together. Thoroughly engaging and entertaining, a delightful read”

Liz Nugent

“I really loved Yours, Mine, Ours. Sinéad is such a brilliant writer. It's utterly charming and life-affirming. Full of wisdom about love's imperfections and all of the everyday obstacles that can get in the way of love . . . very grown-up love story about finding love - and ourselves - as parents. I think people will really fall in love with Anna, as I did”

Edel Coffey

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. There is no living author who writes about the intricacies of family life quite like Sinead . . . It's funny and wonderfully well observed and gripping too - I was on the edge of my seat to know whether it would all work out in the end. Yours, Mine, Ours really is masterly and Sinéad is a true national treasure”

Claudia Carroll

“A story filled with heart and wit. It's impossible not to root for the characters”

Rachael English

“Empathy, humour and wisdom on every page. A terrific, though provoking, immersive read”

Patricia Scanlan

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