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May 23, 2021

US paperback cover reveal

Liz Nugent’s Little Cruelties

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The US paperback of Little Cruelties will be published by Scout Press (Simon & Schuster) on 27th July.

The story of three brothers William, Brian, and Luke, born a year apart and trained from birth by their wily mother to compete for her attention was highly praised on initial publication last year.

Praise for Little Cruelties

"Clever...Little Cruelties shows how thoroughly families can mess one another up, and how sometimes the greatest mysteries are found within the psyche."

The New York Times Book Review

“Artfully constructed… the author’s skillful telling of this multigenerational tragedy has the riveting power of an imminent car crash.”

Publishers Weekly


"Liz Nugent’s books exist at that very particular crossroads of horror and psychological thriller where the horror exists in the cruelty of human relationships themselves. As with all of Liz Nugent’s works, the sociopathy of characters is as much rooted in the repressed culture of 1980s Ireland as in the figures themselves. No one is rotten to begin with, Nugent knows, but she won’t let us look away from how truly rotten some of us become.”


"Riveting...Little Cruelties melds a hardboiled story with a family drama, leading to a tragedy that will define another generation."

Shelf Awareness

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