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Aug 3, 2021

US cover reveal for Stella Keeps The Sun Up - Illustrated by Lynn Gaines
First print run, 100,000 copies!

Clothilde Ewing’s

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Stella Keeps The Sun Up was pre-empted by Denene Millner at Simon & Schuster kids, it will be published Spring 2022 with a first print-run of 100,000 copies!

S&S publicity department is partnering with  The Conscious Kid - a non- profit organisation focusing on Literacy to reveal the cover.  The Conscious Kid has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

"STELLA is a character—funny, full of personality and spirited. I created her that way because children who look like her--my children and so many others--deserve to see that kind of iconic character on a series of adventures, on the order of, say, an Eloise or a Fancy Nancy, in the same skin they're in. It is my deepest desire, too, that children who don't resemble STELLA be inspired by her and Roger and each of their stories because the characters are relatable, fun and love a great adventure. I am thrilled to introduce them both to the world."

Clothilde Ewing

"Clothilde Ewing's 'Stella' is exactly who I've been looking for from the second I founded my imprint. A spunky, funny little girl with a huge imagination and great stories to tell," said Denene Millner, editorial director of her eponymous imprint at Simon & Schuster. "Stella is my daughter, their friends, our neighbors, the everyday little Black girl next door. Clothilde's series speaks directly to the mission of Denene Millner Books to highlight those everyday lives of Black children in a big way. I'm so proud she trusted Denene Millner Books with these adorable stories.” 

Denene Millner

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