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Feb 22, 2022

to co-host new podcast series WHAT’S IN THE WATER

Sinead Moriarty

Launching 8th March, WHAT’S IN THE WATER was created as a strong platform for Irish female authors to celebrate the wealth of talent in Ireland and the culture that springs from it

NANA .jpg

Presented with Anna McPartlin, Sinead and Anna recognise that there is a gap in Irish podcasts. One, which they are going to close. The duo have been given support by the Irish Arts council to create a series of podcasts that will delve into the stories that have inspired and determined the lives of Irish women. Stories that humour, interest, titillate, terrify, scare and infuriate.

Irish women have a rich, painful and rebellious past and, as storytellers, Anna and Sinead relish the opportunity for lively discussions with fellow female writers to discuss the past, personal and the present.

Where does each story come from? And what inspires such emotive, passionate, inspirational, dark and humourous writing? Each week they will bring two guests onto the pod to have fun, get serious and, on occasion, cut deep. In the capable hands of senior Newstalk producer, Claire Darmody, the audience is assured that only the best stories will reach their ears in search of the answer to the question – What Is In The Water?

With 3 episodes already lined up check out the attached link for more details:

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