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Jul 5, 2021

to be published as a coedition between the Lilliput Press and Profile Books next Spring

Adrian Duncan's The Geometer Lobachevsky

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Adrian Duncan's third novel, The Geometer Lobachevsky, is to be published as a coedition between the Lilliput Press in Ireland and Profile Books in the UK next spring.

Set in the early 1950s, the story follows Soviet mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky who is carrying out a land survey in Ireland. While there, he receives a letter from the Russian Ministry of State Security ordering him back to Leningrad for a "special appointment". Immediately suspicious, he goes into hiding on a small island in the Shannon estuary where he waits in the hope of some day returning safely home.

Profile secured the UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Ireland and North America, for A Sabbatical in Leipzig and The Geometer Lobachevsky with co-publication slated for April 2022, in a deal brokered by the Marianne Gunn O'Connor Literary Agency.  Profile Books will also publish A Sabbatical in Leipzig as a UK edition.

Author Colm Tóibín said of the new book: "Adrian Duncan writes with emotional accuracy and what seems like effortless precision about work and exile, about buildings and cities. To his narratives, he brings a mixture of the exact and the visionary. To his characters, he brings a rawness of feeling combined with an urgent need for them to make sense of the world. Duncan's novels Love Notes from a German Building Site and A Sabbatical in Leipzig, and his collection of stories Midfield Dynamo, make clear that he is an original voice, a writer who has come to re-create the world on his own terms."

Lilliput Press publisher Antony Farrell added: "In his fourth book, Duncan moves his writing into a different realm and we are delighted to announce a sale of UK rights to London’s Profile Books to ensure global recognition of this exceptional Longford author."

Translation Rights: Vicki Satlow

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