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Jul 3, 2023

The Secret Of Villa Alba published today by Boldwood

Louise Douglas’s

Bestselling author Louise Douglas returns with an irresistibly compelling, intriguing and captivating tale of betrayal, love, jealousy and the secrets buried in every family history.

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1968, Sicily.  Just months after a terrible earthquake has destroyed the mountain town of Gibellina, Enzo and his wife Irene Borgata are making their way back to the family home, Villa Alba, on roads overlooked by the eerie backdrop of the flattened ghost town.  When their car breaks down, Enzo leaves his young wife to go and get help, but when he returns there is no trace of Irene.  No body, no sign of a struggle, nothing.

2003. TV showman and true crime aficionado Milo Conti is Italy’s darling, uncovering and solving historic crimes for his legion of fans. When he turns his attention to the story of the missing Irene Borgata, accusing her husband of her murder, Enzo’s daughter Maddi asks her childhood friend, retired detective April Cobain, for help to prove her father’s innocence. But the tale April discovers is murky: mafia meetings, infidelity, mistaken identity, grief and unshakable love.  As the world slowly closes in on the claustrophobic Villa Alba, and the house begins to reveal its secrets, will the Borgata family wish they’d never asked April to investigate? And what did happen to Enzo’s missing wife Irene?

Praise for Louise Douglas:

“I loved The Lost Notebook so much! From the opening lines, I was drawn in to a gripping story, beautifully written and so cleverly orchestrated.  I rooted for the main character, I held my breath at the denouement and as for the climax of the book - just wow. Highly recommended”

Judy Leigh

“Louise Douglas achieves the impossible and gets better with every book.”

Milly Johnson

“A brilliantly written, gripping, clever, compelling story, that I struggled to put down. The vivid descriptions, the evocative plot and the intrigue that Louise created, which had me constantly asking questions, made it a highly enjoyable, absolute treasure of a read.”

Kim Nash on The Scarlet Dress

“Another stunning read from the exceptionally talented Louise Douglas! I love the way in which Louise creates such an atmospheric mystery, building the intrigue and suspense brick by brick. Her writing is always beautiful and multi-layered, her characters warm and relatable and the intriguing nature of the mystery makes this unputdownable.”

Nicola Cornick on The Scarlet Dress

“A tender, heart-breaking, page-turning read”

Rachel Hore on The House by the Sea

'The perfect combination of page-turning thriller and deeply emotional family story. Superb’

Nicola Cornick on The House by the Sea

“Kept me guessing until the last few pages and the explosive ending took my breath away”

C.L. Taylor, author of The Accident on Your Beautiful Lies

“Beautifully written, chillingly atmospheric and utterly compelling, The Secret by the Lake is Louise Douglas at her brilliant best”

Tammy Cohen, author of The Broken

“A master of her craft, Louise Douglas ratchets up the tension in this haunting and exquisitely written tale of buried secrets and past tragedy.”

Amanda Jennings, author of Sworn Secret

“A clammy, atmospheric and suspenseful novel, it builds in tension all the way through to the startling final pages.”

Sunday Express, S Magazine

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