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Jul 2, 2024

The Man I Can’t Forgive is published today by Bookouture

Noelle Harrison’s

Her husband is dead. But his secrets live on…

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When Constance hears the knock on her door, her heart misses a beat in fear. She ushers the police into the lounge, and they tell her to sit down. It’s hard to stop her legs from shaking and their words buzz in her ears as they tell her that Daniel – the husband she has always loved – has been found dead in what they believe is a tragic suicide.

As Constance breaks the news to her teenage daughter Cathy, her thin shoulders shake with sobs. She says that her father had everything to live for and he wouldn’t have left them behind. Constance knows this is true. Because she also knows about Maya, the other woman he would do anything for, the woman she has been following, the woman he argued with the day he died.

Constance tries to put her grief and anger aside and find out what happened for the sake of her daughter. But as she digs deeper into Daniel’s death, it looks as if he isn’t the only one who has been hiding things…

What did Cathy know about her father and his other woman? What really happened the day Daniel died?

Constance is desperate to learn the truth… but will it destroy what remains of her family?

A heartbreaking and powerful novel about family secrets and the decisions we never think we will have to make. Perfect for fans of Imogen Clark, Amanda Prowse and Susan Lewis.

Praise Noelle Harrison:

“I couldn’t read it fast enough… I devoured this book in one sitting… Perfect and I absolutely loved it. Wow, truly an amazing story… Fantastic, heartbreaking and emotional… Absolute must-read. I loved everything about this unputdownable book.”

Page Turners

“Emotional… Incredibly hard to put down… I finished it in almost one sitting… Definitely worth more than 5 stars!’”

NetGalley reviewer

“I was glued to the pages and could hardly put it down… Definitely a 5-star read”

Goodreads reviewer

“Make sure you have the tissues handy when reading this book as you will need them! What an emotional journey… I could not put it down until I had read that final page… had me so captivated… a heartbreaking tale”

Once Upon a Time Book Blog,

“A heartbreaking story that you can’t put down. I was reading it on my phone every spare second I got until I finished it!… I’m in awe of this compelling powerful story… A magnificent 5-star read!”

Rachel Bustin

“Wow! Keep a box of tissues close by… heart-wrenching… will move, mesmerise, melt and break you… Without a doubt, this story will stay with me forever”

Cindy L. Spear

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