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May 24, 2022

The Love Algorithm cover reveal

Claudia Carroll’s

For publication by Bonnier Zaffre on the 4th August

NANA .jpg

True love is only just a swipe away? Right?

Iris is good with numbers. In fact, she's great at numbers. Educated, cultured and career-driven, she's got it all. Well, nearly. The only thing missing from her perfectly calibrated life is a partner - and not for lack of trying. After almost 30 years of searching, Iris has tried it all. Now, she approaches disappointing dates like research, gathering statistical evidence and formulating hypothesis on why she just cannot seem to find 'the one'. But something still alludes her - that unquantifiable spark.

Kim is too busy being the life and soul of the party to be looking for love. Her terrible dates make great stories for her friends and co-workers as long as she's not caught by her strict boss, Iris.

Recently widowed Connie is single for the first time since the 1970s. Her daughter, Kim, is determined to get her to try online dating. But suffice to say, a lot has changed.

When Iris decides to take matters into her own hands - using her extensive research to create the most scientifically accurate algorithm for love. She decides to launch Analyse, a dating app like no other. But she can't do it alone, roping in Kim and Connie as guinea pigs, setting them up with their scientifically-approved soulmates. Because, after all, love is just a numbers game . . . isn't it?

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