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Mar 30, 2022

presents Bliss - An Audio Walking Experience on Bray Seafront

Emily Gillmor Murphy

‘I want to see who I am, who I was. I want to live it all, fully and for first and final time.

Maybe we could do it together?’

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‘BLISS’ is an audio storytelling experience that will guide you through the life and memories of Mary. By journeying into her past; Revisiting the places and moments that make her who she is, Mary must decide what her future holds and decide who she could be.

Written by Wicklow local Emily Gillmor Murphy, and voiced by some of Ireland’s finest acting talent, this audio experience is designed to be listened to while walking on Bray Seafront. The story lasts for 90mins, and with two interval breaks within the story, you will have the freedom to live Mary’s story how you choose. All you need is a smart device, headphones and a willingness to listen.

This unique event can be experienced from the 28th March until 18th April.

Booking details and more at the following link:

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