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Nov 25, 2022



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TOUGH MEAT …is a window into the mind of the daughter that has observed hierarchical dynamics, patriarchal social norms, domination, submission and disorder within the family unit. It is a reality many women (African & Irish, & dare I say, globally) understand in traditional familial systems.

Following the realisation of destructive order and sympathy for the First feminine, the Mother role; as observed in my Leaving Cert poem FOR OUR MOTHERS; TOUGH MEAT continues the narrative with the nature of resistance, rebellion and non-conformity.

The observer/performer is distinctively a woman, or female presenting; the metaphors and imagery of food, blood & service are also representing the consumption of the feminine; both body & psyche.

The observer/performer is expected to continue as tradition demands, even further, to celebrate them. Her role is now one that refuses to be consumed, even further she is willing to expose how women have been consumed thus far, she is willing to fight to free herself and lastly she is willing to consume whatever wants to consume her.

The piece highlights what happens when a captured being that was born free escapes into the wild, they may have no limits. They may dare to happen however they want or imagine. This is hinted to be destructive - a familiar warning served to every fighting feminine that fails to conform.

TOUGH MEAT encourages the feminine to …dare and see what happens…

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