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Jun 9, 2021

number 1 again

Louise Nealon’s Snowflake

Louise Nealon’s Snowflake has gone back to number one again in the original fiction bestsellers list after spending 2 weeks there on publication on the 10th May

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This week The Sunday Times Snowflake described Snowflake “as a novel about how it feels to be young, uncertain and troubled” and says “it conjures this condition with honesty and precise observational skill”

Praise for Snowflake

“Stylistically and formally, Nealon is very much her own thing. Snowflake is intimate, chatty, immensely readable. There’s an original and distinctive voice here, and a strong sense of character and place”

The Sunday Times

“Nealon’s bald honesty about rural life is reminiscent of Patrick Kavanagh and his anti-pastorals”

“Clever, witty, wryly elegant and full of emotional truth”

The Sunday Independent

“A sweet, clever coming-of-age novel that finds charity and depth for its older characters as well as the young”

The Irish Times

“The depiction of mental illness is raw and often painful, making this not just a sharp, tender coming-of-age story for Debbie, but for the whole cast of Nealon’s characters”

The Irish Independent

“These are Beckett like characters, mythologised, haunted, mired in trauma using craic as deflection… Debbie’s fresh bleakly funny voice marks her out as original”

The Sunday Times

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