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May 12, 2021

much anticipated debut novel Snowflake is published today

Louise Nealon’s

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Described as ‘a novel for a generation, and for everyone who's taken those first, terrifying steps towards adulthood’, the highly anticipated debut novel by Louise Nealon is published today by Manilla Press.

Following a pre-empt last year by Manilla Press, (Bonnier Books UK) in a two-book deal for a substantial six figure sum, the book also sold in auction in the US to HarperCollins. Element Pictures have acquired TV/Film rights and foreign rights have sold to Germany, Russia, Poland and Slovakia.

Snowflake is a novel about growing up and leaving home, only to find that you've taken it with you. Louise explains “The title, Snowflake, addresses my generation who are often referred to as snowflakes in a disparaging way. A snowflake is a rare and wonderful thing. The six arms of a snow crystal reflect the internal order of water molecules. Like human cells, it reflects nature at its best. Snowflakes are also flawed. They are irregular in structure – evidence that nature is capable of failure, not just humans, which is a relief”.

Praise for Snowflake

‘SNOWFLAKE is mad and wonderful.  I thought I was reading one thing, then discovered - several times as I read - that I was reading a different, even better thing’

Roddy Doyle

‘GAS and beautiful and truthful and touching'

Marian Keyes, author of Grown Ups

‘It's a long time since I've loved a novel as much as Snowflake. The prose shines with observations about life love family mental health, milking the cows and what it means to be coming of age in the times we live in—I felt I had discovered a diamond—a real treasure!’

Christy Lefteri, author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo

‘Snowflake is raw, sharp-sighted, affirming, and also very very funny. Louise Nealon's prose shimmers as do her irregular and damaged characters. Stunning’

Una Mannion, author of A Crooked Tree

'Tender, laugh-out-loud funny, and deeply moving'

Louise O'Neill, author of After the Silence

‘Astonishing. Louise Nealon is a ridiculously talented writer’

Stacey Halls, author of The Familiars

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