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Jul 4, 2024

Good Sisters is published today by Sandycove

Sinead Moriarty’s

After losing their beloved mother, the Devlin sisters need each other more than ever.

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Single parent Louise is trying to help her fragile young daughter to navigate life. So, when the nine-year-old insists on finding out who her father is, Louise organizes a sisters’ outing to track down her Italian one-night stand.

Meanwhile, due to her teenage sons’ sporting success, mother-of-four Julie is anointed Cook-Bottlewasher-and-Cheerleader-in-Chief for the rugby parents’ WhatsApp group. Worst. Job. Ever.

Finally, glamorous Sophie is determined that her daughter Jess won’t be boy-crazy and image-obsessed like she was. But when things go horribly wrong at a teen party, Sophie and her sisters are forced to take drastic measures to protect Jess’s future.

Squeezed from every side, Louise, Julie and Sophie want to be good sisters – but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Praise for Sinead Moriarty

“Sinéad Moriarty writes consistently EXCELLENT novels about contemporary life”

Marian Keyes

“..With her trademark wit and wisdom, Sinéad gets to the core of what makes a family, what breaks a family and what can put it back together. Thoroughly engaging and entertaining..”

Liz Nugent

“..Sinéad is such a brilliant writer…”

Edel Coffey

“..She really is THE most gifted writer”

Claudia Carroll

“..A real talent ... Sinéad Moriarty has a gift at unwrapping a good, plausible tale and creating likeable characters that you care about..”

Irish Independent

“... [Marian] Keyes has for years been the undisputed queen of applying the light tender touch to dark, painful subjects - well, Sinéad Moriarty is now a worthy competitor for that crown ...”

Sunday Independent

“..A fascinating exploration of difficult subjects ... Moriarty writes with compelling authority..”

Irish Times

... Sinead’s unique blend of storytelling and humour, mixed with a complex and deeply involving story, will leave you slightly gutted to reach the last page”


“..Touching, warm, funny and emotional. She has the gift of telling a very emotive story with grace and empathy..”

Woman’s Way

“..Makes you really care ... plenty of laughs and more than a bit of substance..”

Irish Mail on Sunday

“[Handles] her material with the greatest sensitivity and thought ...”

Irish Examiner

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