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Sep 3, 2020

first novel, ‘Diving for Pearls’ acquired by Fiona Murphy at Doubleday

Jamie O'Connell's

A glorious interwoven story of the lives of several characters, each striving for a better life in Dubai, Diving for Pearls looks beneath the shimmering surfaces of a glittering city.

NANA .jpg

When the body of a young woman is found floating in the city's marina, each character must reckon with the bargains he or she has had to make to enjoy this slice of paradise... Editorial Director of Doubleday Ireland, Fiona Murphy, said, ‘I was blown away by the scope of the novel and the control and skill with which Jamie weaves this story. Diving for Pearls is a stunning and page-turning novel that allows us to see Dubai through the eyes of a diverse range of characters, examining the complex eco-system and vast inequalities that characterise the city. It’s a novel for our times and one I can’t wait to publish.’

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