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Feb 3, 2021

debut short-story collection and first novel acquired by Paul Baggaley, Editor-in-Chief at Bloomsbury Publishing.

Sheila Armstrong’s

Already an award-winning writer, Sheila's collection 'How to Gut a Fish' combines the surreal with the poetic in a series of dreamlike, unsettling stories.

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As Paul Baggaley said: 'It feels like Sheila’s writing has come fully formed out of nowhere, in these wonderful stories, and the novel promises to be extraordinary. Her voice is unique, exquisitely phrased, often disquieting, and occasionally surreal, and I can’t wait for everyone to discover this major new talent.’ The collection will be published in spring 2022 and Sheila is currently hard at work on her novel. 'Beside my desk, I have a little greyhound on a track, counting the words I’ve written. Usually he inches forwards, sometimes he leaps backwards, but he keeps going. Neither of us is sure what’s at the finishing line, but I'm so grateful to Marianne for her belief and support, to Bloomsbury for the warm welcome, and, most of all, for the excuse to keep writing.’

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