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Mar 8, 2022

debut novel
The Cuckoo Sister acquired by Boldwood in a 3 book deal

Alison Stockham’s

Maggie has everything her sister Rose always wanted. A handsome husband and two adorable children, Emily and Elliot. But what Rose doesn’t see is that Maggie is struggling.
When Maggie finally cracks, walking out one day and not returning, Rose is right there to step into the breach. Slotting so smoothly into their lives that after a while, the painful memories of Maggie fade into the distance.

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With Rose’s careful help, they all learn to accept that Maggie is gone and that they need to rebuild their family, with Rose at its heart.

But then, one day, Maggie returns, forcing the family to look on in horror as an age-old sibling rivalry causes horrific divisions, threatening to tear the family apart once more.

The Cuckoo Sister by Alison Stockham will be published by Boldwood in July 2022.  The book has already been longlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize.

Alison having worked in TV documentary production for the BBC and channel 4 is now the Events Coordinator for the Cambridge Literary Festival.

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