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Sep 16, 2020

debut novel ‘Breaking Point’ to be published by Sphere

Edel Coffey's

Darcy Nicholson, Editorial Director at Sphere, has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, for Irish journalist Edel Coffey’s debut novel Breaking Point plus a second book.

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The rights were acquired from Marianne Gunn O’Connor after a multi-publisher auction. The book will be a superlead title for 2022.

Breaking Point tells the story of Susannah, a frighteningly successful doctor with a husband and two young children. One morning, she leaves her youngest in the car, only realising when it is too late. From this harrowing beginning, unfolds a gruelling court case where Susannah is tried for negligence in the court room and for daring to try to have it all in the media – it is a modern witch hunt. Edel’s debut is at once a thrilling suspense novel with the requisite twists and turns and a rumination on what it means to be a successful woman with children in the world today.

Edel Coffey said: ‘I have been repeatedly astonished and overwhelmed by the responses to Breaking Point. From the moment I sent it to my amazing agent Marianne Gunn O’Connor the reaction to the book has been the stuff of dreams but Sphere's response and vision surpassed anything I dreamed of. When I read Darcy Nicholson’s heartwarming letter and detailed proposal from her colleagues outlining their plans for the book, I just knew Sphere would be the ones to publish it. Darcy’s response to the book was so immediate and passionate, and her understanding and vision for the book were so insightful, I knew she was the right editor for it. I am now so delighted and honoured to call Sphere my publishers.’

Darcy Nicholson said: ‘I read Breaking Point overnight and knew it was something we had to bring in as a superlead title for the Sphere list; I can already see book clubs debating the trial verdict long into the night. And we have here not only a phenomenal debut novel but a phenomenal debut novelist – Edel is a consummate professional and I’m looking forward to all the success coming her way over the years to come.’

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