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Aug 10, 2021

compelling debut novel Breaking Point cover reveal,
it will be published by Sphere January 2022

Edel Coffey’s

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Edel Coffey’s Breaking Point cover reveal… An innocent mistake. A lifetime of guilt.

Susannah has two beautiful daughters, a high-flying medical career, a successful husband and an enviable life. Her hair is glossy, her clothes are expensive; she truly has it all.

But when - on the hottest day of the year - her strict morning routine is disrupted, Susannah finds herself running on autopilot. It is hours before she realises she has made a devastating mistake. Her baby, Louise, is still in the backseat of the car and it is too late to save her.

As the press close in around her, Susannah is put on trial for negligence. It is plain to see that this is not a trial, it's a witch hunt. But what will the court say?

“Coffey puts the life of working mothers under a microscope and forensically examines the pressures they face, and the sacrifices they are forced to make in order to achieve the career goals of their male colleagues. Breaking Point is raw, compelling, and ground-breaking and I expect it will be a huge success” 

Liz Nugent

‘A rare treat, an emotional thriller steeped in humanity. I read it in a single sitting!’

John Boyne

‘Gripping, unswerving, heart-breaking, you'll read this book through parted fingers - and learn a crucial lesson as you go.’ 

Celia Walden

‘Really enjoyed this terrifyingly plausible debut, with much to say about parental guilt and how society treats working motherhood’ 

Katherine Faulkner

Edel’s debut novel Breaking Point was acquired by Darcy Nicholson, Editorial Director at Sphere in September 2020 after a multi-publisher auction and will be published on the 20th January 2022

Edel is an Irish journalist and broadcaster. She began work as an arts journalist and editor with the Sunday Tribune. She has since worked as a presenter and reporter with RTE Radio, editor of the Irish Independent Weekend magazine and as Books Editor of the Irish Independent.

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