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Jul 11, 2023

Bright New World receives Population Matters ‘Change Champion’ Award

Cindy Forde’s

Bright New World: how to make a happy planet by Cindy Forde (illustrated by Bethany Lord) has been awarded in the Shining A Light In Film, Book or TV Programme category

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To mark World Population Day 2023 on 11 July, Population Matters are once again giving awards to individuals and organisations across the globe for their progressive, effective and brave work promoting reproductive rights, defending the environment, and enlightening the public about the challenges we face and the solutions that are available.

In 2021, Change Champions awards were launched recognising inspiring change-makers around the world. The winners received a uniquely designed award made from recycled plastic as well as a donation for the charity or cause of their choice. They also gave out a raft of awards last year in their Change Champions 2022.

Now for the third year running they are awarding a new group of inspirational change-makers of which Bright New World: how to make a happy planet by Cindy Forde (illustrated by Bethany Lord) has been awarded in the Shining A Light In Film, Book or TV Programme category

Cindy Forde is the founder of Planetari, an organisation dedicated to worldwide environmental education. She has worked with leaders across sectors including the UN, government, NGOs, finance, business, technology and education. She was CEO of the Cambridge Science Centre and Managing Director of the Blue Marine Foundation.  Bright New World offers an attractively illustrated glimpse into a better future – “a world in which today’s children have grown up and tackled the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems.” Its optimistic spirit and grounding in real science and active projects provides a vital alternative to pessimism over our future.

“The fact that we can solve so many of our pressing challenges by inclusion, respect and kindness to women and girls is a glorious message to share with children, educators and families. Population Matters’s work lays the foundations for how we can thrive as a human family. I am delighted to help shine a light on this and to win this wonderful award”

Cindy Forde

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