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Oct 13, 2022

Bright ‎New World
is published today by Welbeck

Cindy Forde’s

A new take on environmental and social awareness that focuses on the amazing possible future rather than just the negatives, in order to inspire children to take action against climate change, poverty, inequality and pollution.

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Bright New World is a lavishly illustrated glimpse into a future not too far from our own time – a world in which today's children have grown up and tackled the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. In a series of lush, detailed scenes, readers will enter a world of solar-powered vehicles, regenerated rainforests, skyscraper farms, insect-based snacks, recovering coral reefs, wave-powered electricity, and much more.

Bright New World's vision may be bold and optimistic, but everything in the book is based on genuine science, including many projects which are currently being developed. Once readers have seen the possible bright future, they will also learn all about the perils facing the Earth, as well as the solutions to each problem, with practical steps that they can take to help save the planet and make the dream a reality.

As well as profiling the biggest names in eco-innovation today, readers will learn about today's young inventors, entrepreneurs and activists who are making the world better, one step at a time.

Bright New World is the blueprint for how to fix the future – and it shows how all the solutions are within our grasp, if we really want them.

Cindy Forde is the founder of Planetari, the organisation dedicated to worldwide environmental education. She has worked with leaders across sectors including the UN, government, NGOs, finance, business, technology and education. She was CEO of the Cambridge Science Centre and Managing Director of the Blue Marine Foundation, where she headed a global team dedicated to protecting and regenerating the world's oceans.

Cindy says “My work is dedicated to transforming how we understand and act towards our incredible planet, Earth, the living interconnected system that keep us all alive. I try to tell different kinds of stories, to help people to understand how to look after Earth and all her creatures. For some years I worked with businesses and governments, though I constantly asked myself, what if someone had told these people the right kind of stories when they were children? They wouldn’t dream of doing these stupid things that destroy the planet and people’s lives. Obviously, the best people to tell these stories to would be children, to create a different relationship with Earth from the very beginning”.

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