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Jan 25, 2023

bestseller The Witches of Vardo is a Sunday Times, ‘Historical Fiction Book Of The Month’

Anya Bergman’s

The Sunday Times have named The Witches of Vardo as their Historical Fiction Book of The Month.

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Published earlier this month by Manilla Press, they say “Witchcraft and witch trials have recently proved popular subjects for historical novelists” adding that “Few have combined storytelling skill and depth of research as successfully as Anya Bergmann” They go on to say that “based on historical events and leavened with elements of magic realism, The Witches of Vardo is a powerful, deeply moving novel”

More Praise for The Witches of Vardo

‘Why rise of witch lit is leaving readers spellbound’

Read an interview with Anya in the Belfast Telegraph here:

‘How we fell under the spell of witcherature’

“Utterly Propulsive”

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

“An intricately woven, timeless novel about prejudice, misogyny, freedom and the power and strength we can find within”

Christy Lefteri

“A passionate indictment of the patriarchy ... a vibrant exaltation of the resilience of women ... Anya Bergman summons a historic witch trial with breathtaking detail and immediacy” 

Hannah Kent

“A vividly atmospheric exploration of power in all its forms”

Claire Askew

“Brilliant and powerful. Haunting and beautifully written. A complex and gripping novel reclaiming and retelling the stories of the women accused of witchcraft in Norway. Hugely atmospheric. Read it!”

Liz Hyder, author of The Gifts

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