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Feb 2, 2023

‘tightly plotted, tense and utterly fascinating’ A Game Of Life Or Death is published today by Scholastic

Triona Campbell’s

Described as an addictive thriller from the most sensational new voice in YA fiction A Game Of Life Or Death, set in the near future, takes the reader into a world of videogames, eSports tournaments, and tech corporations run by cult-like leaders who create the videogames played by millions worldwide – with a hint of an epic love story, but only if they can both survive.

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When sixteen-year-old Asha Kennedy discovers her older sister Maya's dead body in their home, her world falls apart. Desperate for answers, and to stay out of the hands of the social services she grew up in, Asha turns to her hacker friends for help.

Her search leads her to Zu Tech, the hit games studio where Maya was a lead coder. As Asha begins to unravel the riddle of her death, she realises that the only way to uncover the truth is from the inside.

Asha ghosts her old life and infiltrates a Zu Tech eSport tournament as they launch 'SHACKLE', the revolutionary Virtual Reality video game Maya was working on - and which hides a monstrous secret..

Praise for A Game of Life Or Death

“a game of life or death is a gripping, exciting, tightly paced novel written by an author who has something vital to say. It is a story for our time and marks Triona Campbell as one to watch. I loved it.”

Louise O’Neill, author of IDOL

“a break neck spiral through the dark side of the tech world. Tightly plotted, tense and utterly fascinating.”

Cynthia Murphy, author Last One to Die

“Part murder mystery, part pulse-pounding thriller, with breath-taking scenes set in a virtual reality world as fiendish as the arena in the Hunger Games, this is a truly sensational read.”

Lauren Fortune

“I knew this would be good, but oh boy, it’s amazing. Full of twists and intrigue. The main character, Asha, is so well written she jumps off the page”

Sarah Webb, Award-Winning Children's Writer

“Couldn’t put it down and still thinking of the characters”

O.R Melling, author of Hunter's Moon (The Chronicles of Faerie)

“I think it’s better that Ready Player One. It gave me Hunger Game vibes in all the best ways”

Ellen Ryan, author of Girls Who Slay Monsters

“Blends dark technology, classic detection and an intriguing speculative London”

Gina Blaxill, author of You Can Trust Me

It’s so good!! Totally hooked and resenting anything I have to do that is not reading this book.Plus..I can’t get enough of Dark”

Aislinn O’ Loughlin, author of Big Bad Me

“An exhilarating, addictive thriller, with a girl who has everything to play for and nothing left to lose”

Melinda Salisbury, author of Her Dark Wings

Listen to Triona on THE RYAN TUBRIDY SHOW, RTE Radio 1

Ryan speaks to the multi-Emmy nominated TV and gaming producer about her career and passion, video games and ‘A Game Of Life Or Death’

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