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May 4, 2022

‘invigorating, blissful, balm in our relentless age’ The Stream of Everything published today by Gill Books

John Connell’s

In May 2020, John Connell finds himself, like so many others, confined to his local area, the opportunity to freely travel and socialise cut short. His attention turns to the Camlin river – an ever-present source of life for his town’s inhabitants and, for John, a site of boyhood adventure, first love, family history and local legend.

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He decides to canoe its course with his friend, Sunday Times journalist Peter Geoghegan, a two-day trip requiring physical exertion and mental resilience. As the world grows still around them, the river continues to teem with life – a symphony of buzzing mayfly and jumping trout. During their meander downstream, John reflects on his life: his travels, his past relationships and his battle with depression, as well as on Irish folklore, geopolitics and philosophy.

The Stream of Everything is both a reverie and a celebration of close observation; a winding, bucolic account of the summer we discovered home.

Praise for The Stream Of Everything

“Connell is a humble writer of enormous generosity, dignity and openness… he’s offering up a new state of mind, a blissed out curiosity… This unique book feels like a balm in our relentless age…surrendering to this book is to have your eyes opened to the awe of nature, childlike wonder restored”

The Irish Times

“This is a sensitive, edifying, soul-nourishing book, celebratory, salutary and quietly triumphant. I loved reading it”

Donal Ryan

“A rich river journey, entrancing as all rivers are.”

Bruce Pascoe

“A contemplative, open-ended, ethically attuned pilgrimage”

Niamh Campbell

“A hugely satisfying read, full of imaginative wonders and absorbing philosophical musings.”

Michael Harding

“In his joyful consideration of his native place, there is sweetness and ease … A book very much of its strange and eye-opening time.”

Belinda McKeon

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