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Jul 24, 2023

The Silent Friend published today by Boldwood Books

Alison Stockham’s

The brand new unputdownable psychological thriller from the bestselling author of ‘The Cuckoo Sister’

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When it comes to saving yourself, who will you betray?

Louise has a shadowy past that she wants to break free from and when she develops an unlikely friendship with Isabelle, her neighbour, she finally finds the family she’s always yearned for.

But Louise knows more about Isabelle than her new friend realises, more specifically about her imprisoned husband – and the circumstances behind his arrest.

Louise is faced with a choice: to continue lying to her only friend or tell the truth and ruin any chance she has of starting over…

Praise for The Silent Friend, what the readers are saying..

“So many excellent will keep you guessing to the very end”

“Heart-pounding thriller…one of the best books of this year”

This book was amazing!  It gave me all the feels. I loved the lies and deceit and then the ending was on point”

Heather F

“This is a well-written and compelling book that delves into the depth of friendship and the search for family. It’s gritty at times but we also find what forgiveness is all about. Enjoy this moving novel”

Connie F

“This was a gripping read full of secrets, lies and betrayal”

Marnie H

“I really enjoyed this book. Louise, having moved to a new area, witnesses a woman’s husband being arrested late one evening, the next day she finds the pregnant wife at her doorstep and gradually they become firm friends. However, there is a twist and it is this twist that makes this book really compelling.”

Jude S

“I enjoyed this thriller and found the main character entertaining. I also like how bits and pieces of her past are sprinkled in, like a crumbs, for us to try and put together what is happening. It’s a page turner and you want to know exactly how everything fits together. This is a great book for anyone looking for a new, addicting thriller.”

Diane Billas author of Does Love Always Win

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