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Feb 7, 2024

‘brooding, twisty tale of secrets, lies, love and loyalty’
The Summer of Lies is published today by Boldwood Books

Louise Douglas’s

The BRAND NEW novel from Number 1 bestseller Louise Douglas.

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As wild fires creep a devastating path towards the idyllic town of Morranez, a vulnerable girl goes missing. But was she taken - or was she escaping...

The summer is the hottest yet in the Brittany coastal town of Morranez, but when a new case lands on the desk of the Toussaints detective agency, there can be no time to relax. As wild fires bear down on the town, the alert goes out for a missing girl.

Nineteen-year-old Briony Moorcroft has seemingly been taken from her sleepy Welsh village and brought to France. Her parents are baffled and scared - Briony needs her life-saving medicine or this case will become even more sinister, and with the police dragging their heels, the Moorcrofts are relying on Mila Shephard and Carter Jackson's sleuthing skills.

Meanwhile there are mysteries troubling Mila's life too. Two years after the accident that swept her sister Sophie and brother-in-law Charlie away and left their daughter Ani in Mila's care, new evidence resurfaces that makes Mila doubt everything.

Can Carter and Mila find Briony before it's too late? And is the truth about Sophie and Charlie finally about to be revealed...

Praise for Louise Douglas:

“I loved The Lost Notebook so much! From the opening lines, I was drawn in to a gripping story, beautifully written and so cleverly orchestrated. I rooted for the main character, I held my breath at the denouement and as for the climax of the book - just wow. Highly recommended.”

Judy Leigh

“Louise Douglas achieves the impossible and gets better with every book.”

Milly Johnson

“A brilliantly written, gripping, clever, compelling story, that I struggled to put down. The vivid descriptions, the evocative plot and the intrigue that Louise created, which had me constantly asking questions, made it a highly enjoyable, absolute treasure of a read.”

Kim Nash on The Scarlet Dress

“Another stunning read from the exceptionally talented Louise Douglas! I love the way in which Louise creates such an atmospheric mystery, building the intrigue and suspense brick by brick. Her writing is always beautiful and multi-layered, her characters warm and relatable and the intriguing nature of the mystery makes this unputdownable.”

Nicola Cornick on The Scarlet Dress

“A tender, heart-breaking, page-turning read”

Rachel Hore on The House by the Sea

“The perfect combination of page-turning thriller and deeply emotional family story. Superb”

Nicola Cornick on The House by the Sea

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