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Since founding MGOC agency over two decades ago in Dublin – one of the world’s leading capitals of literature – Marianne Gunn O’Connor has devoted all of her energies to nurturing emerging talent and discovering new voices. She represents a diverse range of authors from across the globe. She honours their gifts by giving them the freedom to express their artistic vision and by getting them the best deals possible. Through connections she has built up over the years, Marianne works with publishers worldwide who share her vision for her authors’ future, bringing the highest levels of enthusiasm, creativity and collaboration to her clients’ work. She has sold extensively to UK, European and US publishers, as well as to those in Ireland and further afield. Marianne is proud to represent Booker-shortlisted, New York Times, Sunday Times and Irish bestsellers, winners of the IMPAC and Goldsmith’s book awards, as well as much-loved popular and children’s authors. She has negotiated several seven-figure deals both in publishing and in Film & TV. With the help of her co-agents, she has sold clients’ work in over fifty territories. She also has close ties to many in the Irish and UK  and US film industry which she has developed while negotiating major deals for Film and TV rights, and in the US has partnered with CAA Creative Artist Agency Los Angeles, the biggest agency for Film and TV rights in America. When it comes to what she can do for her clients,

Marianne quotes Emily Dickinson:

‘I dwell in Possibility’

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