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Suzanna Crampton

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Suzanna Crampton

Suzanna Crampton is an environmental farmer, photographer and writer, and her captivating social media posts have created a huge following both here and abroad.

She studied agricultural and environmental sciences at Sterling Institute in Vermont and then pursued a variety of careers in a broad range of locations, including breaking and training Morgan Horses in upstate New York and working for a wildlife charity in South East Asia.

She returned to Kilkenny in 1997 where she taught photography and now farms, blogs and tweets about her sustainable farming.

Suzanna lives on her family farm in Kilkenny with her flock of Zwartbles sheep, alpacas, horses, chickens, dogs and cats.

Her first book ‘Bodacious: The Shepherd Cat’ was published by Harper Collins in June 2018 and is narrated by social media celebrity cat Bodacious , who strolled into Suzanna’s life for 11 amazing years and who boasted approximately 11.8k followers on Twitter from all around the world, and is a heart-warming and charming tale in which Bodacious tells us about life as the shepherd cat on Black Sheep Farm. Foreign rights are sold to Germany Japan, Italy

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