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Susie Bubble

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Susie Bubble

“I will always vehemently fight the cliche that fashion is frivolous or shallow.  The clothes we wear reveal depths about us, our world and our culture. Those are the depths I want to probe into through my work”

Susie Bubble has over half a million followers on her Instagram - “She has become such a force in Fashion; her singular style is part of it, but it’s also her genuine enthusiasm for fashion." Vogue

Susie Lau is a writer and editor living and working in London. Susie started her fashion blog, ‘Style Bubble’ in March 2006, and grew to be one of the most prolifically read blogs of its type. Style Bubble consists of Susie’s thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent.  Previously, Susie was editor of Dazed Digital, the website of Dazed & Confused magazine, from 2008-2010. She now works full-time on content creation and freelance projects for brands, working with the likes of Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  She is contributing editor for Pop magazine and writes regularly for publications such as the Guardian, 10 Magazine and Elle UK.

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