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Sinead O’Brien

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Sinead O’Brien

Sinead O’Brien is a multi-award-winning director, producer and non-fiction author with a career that has spanned over twenty years.

During this time she has collaborated with Screen Ireland, BBC, Sky Arts, Northern Ireland Screen, RTE, TG4, the BAI and NRK on a range of documentary films.

Sinead has co-authored two critically acclaimed non-fiction books. ‘Left for Dead’ with Nick Ward was named Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year and nominated for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year in the UK.  It was also named amongst books of the year in The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The Irish Times and The Independent.

‘Striking Back’ with Mary Manning was named non-fiction political book by the Irish Independent. This book is currently being adapted for the stage by US playwright Matt Spangler, who most recently adapted The Kite Runner, and Kellie Hughes.

Praise for Left For Dead

Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year – Winner

William Hill Sports Book of Year UK - Nominated

"This blow by blow account of sailing into the eye of the storm is completely un-put-downable."

The Sunday Times

"This account of sheer endurance bears haunting resemblance to mountaineer Joe Simpson’s Touching the Void."

The Irish Times

"As you turn every page you sense through the fine writing how anticipation turned to exhilaration to mild panic and eventually to utter despair as events overtake them."

The Telegraph

"Straightforwardly written and without machismo….I don’t much care for macho books but the complicated puzzled moralities of this one, and the humane sweetness of its narrator make it something far better."

Daily Mail

"This gripping story…at times, reading it is like staring at a car wreck; the redemption comes in the lesson on human failings and, finally, forgiveness."

Seattle Times

"This tale of one man’s determination and courage in a time of absolute despair is not only utterly chilling but extremely moving and stays with the reader long after the last page has been turned."


"This torrential narrative present a remarkable saga that will have readers aching for eventual rescue.  A harrowing, thrilling, first person tale of survival in the sea."

Sunday Independent

Praise for Striking Back

"Captivating book…..beautifully expressed……remarkable."

The Irish Times

"Personal and political, intimate and artful….from

a voice rarely heard in Irish literature"

Gene Kerrigan – The Sunday Independent

"Fascinating…….intriguing insider account."

The Irish Independent

"The best Irish book I have read this year."

PJ Coogan – The Opinion Line

"Compelling…heart breaking….an account searing in honesty"

Mick Clifford – Irish Examiner

"Provocative, inspiring and beautifully written….impossible to put down."

Carol Dooley – Sunshine Radio

"Absolutely fascinating read."

Pat Kenny – the Pat Kenny Show

"Non-fiction Political Pick (2017)"

The Irish Independent

"A moving and inspirational book which has

major relevance to today’s world."

The Irish Times

"I have not been so moved by a book in a long time.

It’s fearful and brave and rendered with skill and depth.

‘Striking Back should become a classic."

Gene Kerrigan – The Sunday Independent

Rights Sold

Left for Dead: A&C Black (UK, Commonwealth) Bloomsbury (US & Canada)

Striking Back: The Collins Press (Ireland and UK)

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