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Paddy McMahon

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Paddy McMahon

"Educational systems should be organised in ways which would facilitate exploration and expression of each child’s creative abilities. That would mean that there would be no set curricula or put another that there would be an unlimited range of curricula."

(1933- 2019) Paddy McMahon was a beacon of Light for many worldwide who saw in him a source of sense in a nonsensical world.

He was born in 1933 in County Clare in the west of Ireland and lived in Dublin since 1952. Employed in the Irish Civil Service from 1952 until 1988, he became aware that he and all people had spirit guides-guardian angels, and that we can communicate with them if we so choose.

These communications began in 1978 and inspired him to become increasingly involved in spiritual counselling and lecturing. Paddy's first communications from the highly evolved spiritual being Shebaka began in 1981 and were explored in a series of books written under the pseudonym of Patrick Francis in The Grand Design: Reflections of a Soul/Oversoul. Over volumes 1-V Patrick shared insights on reincarnation, forgiveness and freedom from negative karmic effects. Quote above from The Joy of Being.

Paddy became one of Ireland’s most respected clairvoyants and a regular commenter on issues of the spirit for the Irish press. He maintained an international client base, and helped countless people learn how to communicate with their spirit guides and come to terms with issues of grief, loss and stress. He also ran workshops in Ireland, England, America, and Switzerland and was a regular speaker at Mind Body Spirit Exhibitions throughout Ireland.

Paddy continued to share more of his communications in his dialogues with Margaret Anna Cusack, the Nun of Kenmare (1829-1899) in the publications A Free Spirit and Peacemonger.

In Living without Fear and the follow up Amongst Equals Paddy shared his dialogues with the famous philosopher Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 to 1986).

Following the death of his son in 2009 Paddy wrote There Are No Goodbyes which was published by HarperCollins (later published as Guided By Angels: There Are No Goodbyes, My Tour of the Spirit World) which provided reassuring answers to the questions surrounding life after death such as where do people go when they die? Whether it’s possible to keep in contact with your loved ones after they die? And are they able to help you? Will you meet them again? There Are No Goodbyes provided answers and comfort to all of these questions, and more.

For decades, Paddy acted as a bridge between the spirit and human realms, helping people to connect with their angels, or spirit guides. He believed that we are born with spiritual connections to one or more angels, who are always only a thought away from us and willing to help us in all areas of our lives if we are open to receiving their help.  Paddy often quoted George Bernard Shaw

"You see things and you say "Why?"
But I dream things that never were : and I say "Why not?" ..’

Paddy McMahon passed on peacefully on 25th March 2019.

It was an honour and privilege to not only represent him but also to call him my friend.

From The Joy of Being
"It goes without saying that it’s vitally important that children should be loved and encouraged to express themselves freely
Educational systems should be organised, I suggest, in way which would would facilitate the exploration of and expression of each child’s creative abilities. That would mean that there would be no set curricula or put another way that there would be an unlimited range of curricula. Each child would get individual attention to a much greater extent than is possible at present!"

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