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Orlagh Collins

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Orlagh Collins

Film Producer, Screenwriter and YA novelist.

Orlagh Collins grew up on the northside of Dublin. After studying Communications at Dublin City University she moved to London and entered the film industry there, working on productions such as Calendar Girls and Ali G before taking over as Head of Physical Production at Pathé Films, where she oversaw Breakfast on Pluto and The Queen amongst others. Orlagh since co-produced the BIFA-winning documentary Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten and the feature film Mary Shelley. She is currently developing an original screenplay Lucky Irish with Screen Ireland.

Her debut novel, No Filter is a young adult story about Emerald and Liam and a summer that changes everything, was published by Bloomsbury in July 2017.

Her most recent book All the Invisible Things a story of female identity, was published by Bloomsbury in March 2019. It was nominated for the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal and Shortlisted for the 2019 Irish Book Awards.

Praise for No Filter

“My thirteen year old daughter devoured No Filter in 24 hours and then talked about it for days.” 

Mariella Frostrup

“This debut novel is an outstanding rites-of-passage story... Louise O'Neill meets Romeo and Juliet.”  

Irish Examiner

“Summer romance with an edge.” 

Irish Independent

“Warm, funny and insightful, and sure to give you all the feels, this is a novel full of charm and heart. One that I had to wrestle out of the hands of my teenage daughter and her friends to read!” 

Rowan Coleman

“In this touching debut…. Collins’s voices and setting are vivid and fresh, the teens’ relationship is engaging, and Liam is a particularly sensitive and devoted love interest. as emerald watches her friends’ lives go on without her online, her visceral sense of pain and loss will resonate with many readers.”

Publishers Weekly

“both a coming-of-age story and a romance, this novel weaves together issues of suicide, poverty, unrequited dreams, betrayal, and bullying . . . an unpretentious and enjoyable tale set against the unique backdrop of the Irish coast.” 

School Library Journal

“No Filter is an engaging story of first love and family secrets, with characters who develop as you read. It's a promising debut from Orlagh Collins, who provides a fresh voice in a busy market. I look forward to reading what she writes next.”  

The Bookbag

“This was such an authentic-feeling tale, inspired by and evoking the feelings of first love and the reckless teenage spirit. Two people are depicted strengthening both themselves and their bond by overcoming the struggles that dominate their lives and finding out who they really are on the other side of it. This is a book about learning to find your way in the world and it captures the essence of that, perfectly – no filters needed.” 

United by Pop

“No Filter is a perfect summer read, bringing to life the teenage experience with biting honesty and well timed humour as well as featuring a refreshing take on the teenage romance which young adult readers will undoubtedly enjoy. The novel though, makes some striking comments about our social culture which elevates it from poolside reading to a poignant and timely exploration of our fascination with social media and the pursuit of 'perfection' in today's culture…A thoroughly recommended read.” 

Literature Works

Praise for All The Invisible Things

“A warm, wise book about self-acceptance, growing up and having the courage to be who you truly are.” 

Polly Jaffe, Guardian IBW Guide, Best New Kids' Books Summer 2019

“This, the sophomore novel of Collins, was a truly emotive piece of writing. The prose was gorgeous and the development of Vetty as our main character from beginning to end was a privilege to be a part of.” 

Paper Lanterns

“It’s a living thing of a book, a story that fully understands the difficult line that young women are expected to walk when it comes to friendship and relationships in their teens.” 

Cinders Magazine

Rights Sold:

No Filter Bloomsbury Bloomsbury (UK and Commonwealth), Bloomsbury (US)

All the Invisible Things Bloomsbury (UK and Commonwealth), Bloomsbury (US)


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