Oliver Mol

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Oliver Mol

“I hope you get lost inside my writing, so the story ceases to become about me and becomes about you. If I do my job correctly, I can create a space for people to feel less alone.”

Oliver Mol is the author of Lion Attack! (Scribe Publications). 

He is a 2020-2022 Marten Bequest scholar for prose. He has appeared at National Young Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, Sydney Writers Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival and Queensland Poetry Festival. He has been published in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, ABC, Sydney Review of Books, Meanjin and The Saturday Paper amongst others. He was the recipient of a 2014 ArtStart Grant, the co-winner of the 2013 Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers and the recipient of a 2012 Hot Desk Fellowship. Recently, he received a Best Theatre Award at Adelaide Fringe for his show Train Lord, adapted from his second book, and was commissioned by Sydney Fringe to perform in their Made in Sydney showcase as part of the Global Fringe Alliance this September.

Freemantle Media want to adapt Train Lord for a web series with Mol writing it.

Train Lord was sold to Penguin Michael Joseph in 2021.

Editorial Director Jillian Taylor said, ‘Train Lord is a stunning piece of non-fiction that upends all the tropes of the illness memoir. Oliver’s emotional journey back to health explores what it truly means to feel at home in one’s body. Illuminating an illness that affects millions but which remains widely misunderstood, this book is about the darkness of depression, but it is also ultimately about survival and redemption. Oliver is an astonishingly brave writer, and we are so delighted to be publishing his book and launching a very exciting career.’

Oliver Mol said: ‘In 2015, I suffered a 10-month migraine. No doctors could help me, and I nearly threw myself in front of a train. It wasn’t that I wanted to die; I just wanted, needed, the pain to end. After I began working as a rail guard, I discovered a new sense of self. Slowly I found my way back to writing. This memoir grew out of paragraphs – sometimes prayers – scribbled on the backs of train diagrams. It is a book that I never in my wildest dreams expected to be published, much less published by Penguin Michael Joseph. Train Lord was my way out of a difficult time, and I hope that it might help someone else realise that they are also not alone. Because this is, in the end, a story of hope.’

Train Lord is due for publication in July 2022.

Praise for Lion Attack

Lion Attack! turns online stories into a winner.- Sydney Morning Herald

A book unlike anything you've ever read before.- Readings Bookstore

I know the electric feeling that is too often missing from the world when it is written on the page. The pure light comes in from here and there ... It is there in the feverish marginalia and the wet monomania of Kate Middleton’s Ephemeral Waters, in the plangent logorrhoea of PiO’s Fitzroy ... in the distended alt-text ouroboria of Oliver Mol’s Lion Attack!, and in every line of the tectonic linguistic ecologies that make up Alexis Wright’s mesmerizing novels. -  Luke Carman, Lithub

★★★★★Oliver performed in the green room after our gig in Barcelona. Wild and special. This asshole made me cry. See this or die. - Clarence McGuffie, Confidence Man

★★★★Sydney author Oliver Mol delivers his autobiographical monologue with such clarity and heart ... best just go. - Louise Nunn, The Advertiser

★★★★Saturated in emotional truth and unapologetically low-fi, Train Lord is testament to the powerful potential of Fringe shows that hark back to the no-frills days of the festival’s past. - Farrin Foster In Daily