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Matthew Mackinnon and Ryan Payne

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Matthew Mackinnon and Ryan Payne

Tik Tok creators with 6.4 million followers, Matthew and Ryan are LGBTQIA+ creators who share their love, life and adventures across their online family of 7 million followers.

They love to have their hands in a lot of pies, meaning they produce a range of different content such as comedy, travel and all things surrounding their lives whilst normalising being a same sex couple.

Their main focus is to make people smile one piece of content at a time.

Their book Love is Love described as a "friendly and practical guide for young LGBTQ+ people” was acquired by Claire Bord at Thread.

Bord said: “With their rapidly growing audience of six million followers on TikTok, 750K on YouTube and over 100K on Instagram, Matthew and Ryan have built a thriving and inclusive online community. They are the fun-loving faces of social media but behind the scenes they’ve also become online agony uncles for young people”

Love is Love was published on 25th May 2023

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