Lorelei Goulding

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Lorelei Goulding

Winner of the 2020 Spread the Word Life Writing Prize

Judge Nell Stevens described Birdie as “a masterful piece of life writing, which beguiles and horrifies in equal measure. There is a poise and assurance to the prose, which holds attention and tension throughout. I was completely convinced by, and full of admiration for, this difficult, restrained, unflinching work. My mind has returned to it often since first reading, and I expect it will haunt me for a long time. I cannot wait to see more from this author, who writes like someone we should have been reading all our lives, and deserves a very bright literary future.”

Lorelei is originally from Long Island, New York and studied English Literature at university as an undergraduate.

After stints in Buffalo, Seattle, and Manhattan, she moved to London for work in 1998 and never quite left. She is currently finishing up her MSc in Public Health at the University of the West in Bristol, UK.

Lorelei recently won the 2020 Spread the Word Life Writing Prize and is working on a memoir.

She lives in rural Somerset with her husband, three teenage children and extremely unruly dog. She loves swimming in the quarry, singing in the car, and early mornings.