Joseph Murray

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Joseph Murray

Joseph is a Trinity College graduate with a B.A. in Film & Drama and an MSc in Marketing

Joseph is an Irish writer based in Gibbstown, a small Gaeltacht area in Co. Meath. Having attained a B.A. in Film & Drama and an MSc in Marketing from Trinity College, he has always been drawn to storytelling, whether in a narrative or advertising context.

From the age of 16, Joseph began writing screenplays and directing short films which led to a ‘Most Original’ Award at Fresh Film Festival. After graduating from college, Joseph moved to Los Angeles where he landed a role as a Digital Content Specialist, with emphasis on brand storytelling.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Joseph was determined to use the lockdown as a opportunity to pursue his passion for storytelling full-time. He began to write his debut novel FLING and immediately fell in love with writing again, completing his final draft in just eight months.

He has also gained a following on TikTok with his unique brand of comedy sketches that have gained him 72,000 followers and 20 Million views in total (@broseph_murray).

His goal as a writer is to uplift readers by telling heart-warming stories with global resonance.