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Joanna Fortune

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Joanna Fortune

"Play is not a box of toys. Play is a state of mind and a way of being"

Joanna Fortune (MICP; MIFPP; Reg Pract APPI; CTTTS; ApSup PTI) is an accredited psychotherapist and attachment specialist.

She is the author of the 15-Minute Parenting series of books (0-7 years; 8-12 years and the Teenage years) published by Thread Books.  She is the host of the 15-Minute parenting podcast.  She founded the Solamh Parent Child Relationship Clinic in Dublin in 2010 where she works with families around a variety of issues. She is a recognised supervisor, trainer and conference speaker in her field. In 2017 she delivered a TEDx Talk on the topic 'Social media – the ultimate shame game?' Having previously written a parenting column for The Sunday Times she continues to write and contribute to articles on child development and parenting in various other print publications. She is also a regular media contributor to a variety of radio (RTE, Newstalk and regional radio) and TV shows (RTE and Virgin Media Television). She is the parenting consultant on the weekly parenting slot on Newstalk’s Moncrieff for over 2 years.

In May 2022 World English Language rights to Why We Play: How to find joy and meaning in everyday life were acquired by Claire Bord at Thread

Drawing on over twenty years of neuroscientific research and clinical practice, Joanna has discovered that play is central to the human experience – and is the key to living a happier, joyful life.

Claire said:  ‘Joanna reveals how we’re never too old for play and her proven approach is full of practical advice, simple techniques and insights that show how play is the key to alleviating stress, unlocking creativity and problem-solving, strengthening relationships and forms an important part of trauma recovery.’

Joanna commented: ‘As children playing is how we make sense of the world and our place in it but as adults we often forget how to play. Play shapes our experiences and relationships with others and I want to give people the tools to help them integrate play into daily life, and show them what a positive difference it can make.’

Why We Play is published in ebook, paperback original, and audio on 14th September 2022.

Instagram: @joannafortune

Twitter: @TheJoannaFortun

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