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Harrison Gardner

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Harrison Gardner

Harrison Gardner is an Australian eco-builder and sustainability designer based in the West of Ireland.

He has 11 years broad-range experience designing and managing the construction of conventional and passive buildings throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, Canada and South America. His current focus is in constructing community spaces whilst teaching and sharing core construction principals and techniques, with an aim to build more efficient, sustainable structures.

Harrison began his career working with NGOs in East Africa and India, using conventional construction materials such as dimensional lumber, concrete, brick and steel. Gradually, he moved towards natural building techniques, mastering cob, adobe plaster, straw bale, earthen brick and lime, to build structures from the Rann of Kuttch in India, to Patagonia in Argentina and the North Western United States.

Harrison is currently a lead foreman and teacher for Earthship Biotecture, an international sustainable building and education organisation based in Taos, New Mexico. Their buildings are largely constructed using recycled materials, along with the principals of thermal mass, insulation and convection to create off-grid, passive structures. They run an educational academy and a NFP humanitarian organization, providing disaster-relief housing and community buildings, whilst educating people to build autonomous, sustainable homes.

Harrison’s book  Build Your Own: Use What You Have To Create What You was published by Gill Books in April 2022

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