Edel Coffey

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Photo by Ger Holland

Edel Coffey

Edel’s debut novel Breaking Point was acquired by Darcy Nicholson, Editorial Director at Sphere in September 2020 after a multi-publisher auction, book will be a super-lead title for 2022.

Edel is an Irish journalist and broadcaster.

She began work as an arts journalist and editor with the Sunday Tribune. She has since worked as a presenter and reporter with RTE Radio, editor of the Irish Independent Weekend magazine and as Books Editor of the Irish Independent.

Her debut Breaking Point tells the story of Susannah, a frighteningly successful doctor with a husband and two young children. One morning, she leaves her youngest in the car, only realising when it is too late. From this harrowing beginning, unfolds a gruelling court case where Susannah is tried for negligence in the court room and for daring to try to have it all in the media – it is a modern witch hunt. Edel’s debut is at once a thrilling suspense novel with the requisite twists and turns and a rumination on what it means to be a successful woman with children in the world today.

Darcy Nicholson said: ‘I read Breaking Point overnight and knew it was something we had to bring in as a superlead title for the Sphere list; I can already see book clubs debating the trial verdict long into the night. And we have here not only a phenomenal debut novel but a phenomenal debut novelist – Edel is a consummate professional and I’m looking forward to all the success coming her way over the years to come.’

Edel lives in Galway with her husband and children.