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Dan Oakey

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Dan Oakey

I write stories about people who have rough edges and lots of things to work out.

I was born in a hospital that long ago burnt down on a military base that's been abandoned. An RAF brat who grew up on air bases across Europe. Five careers to date. The first was in moral philosophy (claim to fame: I convinced Richard Dawkins he’d fundamentally misnamed his most famous work, ‘The Selfish Gene’). The second career was journalism; I worked for the Financial Times and helped put a con-man behind bars. He's probably out of prison now; I hope he doesn't bear a grudge. The third was in banking, the fourth in climate risk, and now fifth - telling intertangled stories - brings them all together.

Throughout that time, I’ve been constantly honing my writing craft. A three-year diploma in screenwriting from Birkbeck taught me how to write for the eyes. Open mic poetry unleashed more self-expression. Courses at Curtis Brown Creative on ‘How To Edit Your Novel’ and at Golden Egg on 'Writing For Young Adults'.

Home (for the moment) is London. I have one teenage son.

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