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Cindy Forde

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Cindy Forde

Cindy’s work is dedicated to transforming how we understand and act towards Earth, the living system that sustains us.

She works internationally with leaders across sectors in education, finance, energy, communication and sustainability including University of Cambridge, the UN, and national governments. She believes the most essential change lies in how we shape the mind-set of the rising generations and that creativity is vital to engaging children in a regenerative relationship with Earth.

She is the founder of Planetari, the first globally scalable education platform aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that equips children to be the innovators of a better world. As MD of the Blue Marine Foundation she helped form the Great British Oceans Coalition, persuading the UK government to establish the largest marine protected areas in the world. As CEO of Cambridge Science Centre she created hands-on discovery programmes for children to learn key skills needed for national development.

Cindy is an award winning creative and has an MSc in Sustainability and Business Practice. She believes in the deep magic of our natural world and that everything starts with the imagination.

Published by Welbeck in October 2022 Bright New World is a lavishly illustrated glimpse into a future not too far from our own time – a world in which today's children have grown up and tackled the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. In a series of lush, detailed scenes, readers will enter a world of solar-powered vehicles, regenerated rainforests, skyscraper farms, insect-based snacks, recovering coral reefs, wave-powered electricity, and much more.

Bright New World offers a blueprint for how to fix the future – and it shows how all the solutions are within our grasp, if we really want them.

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