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Catherine Prasifka

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Catherine Prasifka

Catherine Prasifka is a young writer from Dublin. She has a BA in English Literature from Trinity College and an MLitt in Fantasy Literature from the University of Glasgow.

She has taught popular fiction at the Centre For Talented Youth Ireland, and volunteered with Fighting Words, a creative writing centre for young people. She currently works as a creative writing teacher at St. Conleth’s College, Dublin.

Catherine’s first adult novel, None of This is Serious was acquired by Canongate’s Assistant editor Megan Reid and C.E.O. Jamie Byng.

The story reflects the reality of how young people live and communicate today. Catherine describes it as novel about many things, but ultimately, it’s about insecurity. Specifically, the type of insecurity that has taken hold of her generation: insecurity about the economy, climate, friendship and themselves.

She said: “I started writing None of This Is Serious before the pandemic, but it came alive during those endless lockdown days. I wanted the book to accurately represent what it means to be young right now, in an online world where reality is both elastic and malleable, when suddenly I became a spectator to a global event that forced me to rethink everything. The last year and a half have been unprecedented; I could never have predicted a global pandemic, but it seems equally improbable that I could have ended up where I am now, with such a supportive team at Canongate behind me and the book.”

Canongate who acquired world rights, excluding North America, call None of This Is Serious 'utterly compelling' and published it as its lead debut in April 2022.

Assistant editor Megan Reid says :“None of This Is Serious is an addictive and unforgettable novel that has female friendship at its heart. I read it in a single sitting and just couldn’t put it down. The writing is so sharp and funny and poignant, and every detail is brilliantly observed – I loved it from the very first page. Catherine is a huge talent and I’m so thrilled that we are publishing her debut at Canongate.”

C.E.O. Jamie Byng adds: “Catherine Prasifka’s debut novel is so damn good. For starters, it has a voice that grabs you from the opening page and pulls you closer and closer as you keep turning, drawn deeper into Sophie’s world. It is also exceptionally well-observed. And it manages to be very entertaining and then very shocking. None of This Is Serious is a dazzling achievement and marks the arrival of a major new writer.”

Praise for None Of This Is Serious

"An extraordinary novel. None of This Is Serious brilliantly explores the impossibility to "come of age" in end times, where screens are so contiguous to experience that no-one is ever truly online or offline. She writes truthfully and with affectless nuance about the labyrinthine workings of friend groups and the defences women scramble for in a world that still hates us"

Naoise Dolan, Author of Exciting Times

"I inhaled None of This Is Serious. I've been waiting for a fictional story that reflects the all-consuming influence that the Internet has on my life. None of This Is Serious is that story. A compulsively readable, fresh and painfully accurate description of the way we live now. Don't let the title fool you. It is serious. Seriously good"

Louise Nealon, Author of Snowflake

"Edgy . . . [Prasifka] has a painfully raw and acute gift for catching the way things are" Sunday Times

"I absolutely LOVED this novel. Beautifully crafted"

Emma Gannon, Author of Olive

"None of This Is Serious is brilliant - so devastatingly precise about being a young woman living in Ireland and online today, moving deftly between sharp, hilarious observations and heartbreaking, enraging moments"

Claire Hennessy, Author of Like Other Girls

"None of This Is Serious is such a compelling novel, and Sophie is such a relatable character - reading her story felt like one of those meaningful and immersive conversations you can only have with a stranger at 3am in the toilets of a dingy club, all hearts laid bare. At times agonisingly close to the bone, Catherine Prasifka's debut novel is an exquisitely unnerving portrayal of who we are and how we live"

Katie Hale, Author of My Name Is Monster

"A stunning, searing vision of modern neurosis and female experience in the online age, with characters so boldly done they jump out of the page and follow you around the room. You'll come away from it punch-drunk and staggered"

J.R. Thorp, Author of Learwife

"A beautifully written original take on how we're all guilty of taking refuge online as the world around us becomes increasingly confusing"

Stylist, Fiction Books You Can't Miss in 2022

"As we adapt to our increasingly online lives, Catherine Prasifka's debut is the antidote we never knew we needed. We meet Sophie, Prasifka's ultra-relatable protagonist, at a precarious time in her life: leaving university. What happens next is a worthy reminder that Instagram /= reality"

Glamour, Best Books of 2022

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