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With My Lazy Eye

Julia Kelly

As she stumbles her way through childhood and teenage years - failing exams, losing tennis matches, fighting with her father, falling in and out of love, longing for his attention - her eyesight deteriorates and her father becomes ever more elusive. A chance discovery about her father's past changes the course of her life and her attitude towards him forever. A metamorphosis begins, but it's possibly too late..."With My Lazy Eye" is a funny, poignant and highly original portrayal of one girl's coming of age.

A page-turner. Kelly's acute observations about adolescence ring true, the reader will laugh. This is a stunning debut - Irish Examiner. (Irish Examiner) -- Irish Examiner

Confident? Skilful? Full of observations to die for? It's all of those and laugh-out-loud funny as well - Irish Times. (Irish Times) -- Irish Times

"With My Lazy Eye" tells the story of Bunty, a myopic, muddle-headed little girl and her relationship with her distant father.

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