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The Tribe

Caitríona Perry

From JFK to Trump, Irish American voters have played a pivotal role in US politics, but is their influence on the wane? The Tribe provides a definitive, clear-eyed look at Irish American voters.
Caitriona Perry explores the role of Irish Americans in the US political system. Once considered to be kingmakers in local and national elections, generations of assimilation and rising numbers of newer immigrants have diluted their power and influence. Leading Republicans and Democrats, including Senators, Congressmen and women, and Vice Presidents explain that they no longer target a notional ‘Irish voting bloc’, that the concept has long faded. Members of past and present Administrations explain what really goes on in the White House on St Patrick’s Day. Many proud Irish-American republicans lay out why they align more with conservative ideals, despite the beliefs of some of their relations in Ireland that all Irish in America are Democrats. Caitriona also meets many of President Trump’s Green Army, who are Red and Green and Proud. This book is a modern chronicle of the politics of Irish-America from early emigration to the present day, and explains what changing views and changing demographics means for the future of Ireland’s political influence in the US.

Praise for 'The Tribe'

"Absorbing interviews offer a forensic, rounded, and authoritative discussion about Irish-Americans in US." The Irish Independent.

"There are many insights to be found here and Perry, who knows the subject well from the years she spent as RTÉ’s Washington correspondent, tells her story at pace, and in a crisp, accessible style." 
The Irish Times.

The Tribe is an important book for every Irish American interested in Irish issues. It is very well researched and written in a breezy, readable style. It adds greatly to the canon of must-read books for Irish Americans." Irish Central

"In her book, Caitríona Perry offers a digestible exploration of the declining Irish-American tribe in an ever diversified political, social, and economic landscape." 
The Irish Examiner

'The Tribe: The Inside Story of Irish Power and Influence in

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