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The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams Perilous Pineapple Plot

Shane Hegarty

It’s the Festival of Pirates in Splottpool, and Limpet is looking after his evil little sister, Eve, whilst his mum helps out with the festival.

Mrs Cricket has also asked the kids to mind the fairy garden in the middle of the roundabout while she goes away for a week – to avoid all the piratey chaos.

Trouble is brewing as they discover Mr Fluffy’s super-healthy sister has opened a smoothie palace, whose healthy fruit smoothies seem to have amazingly magical effects on the customers.

But not all is as it seems with the super healthy smoothies and it’s up to Limpet to save the day, the shop – and even his evil little sister – if he must.

Illustrated throughout with fabulous black and white illustrations by Jeff Crowther and written by the bestselling author of the Boot series.

The Perilous Pineapple Plot is the third book in The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams (7+) series and is described as one of the funniest books you’ll read this year, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine.

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