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The Pope's Children

David McWilliams

This is the special generation, the Irish baby boom of the 1970s that peaked nine months to the day after the Pope’s visit. There are 620,000 of them, squeezed into the middle and lifted up by the Expectocracy. Ireland is blurring. Out of this haze has come the Full-on Nation, the most hedonisitic generation ever.

David McWilliams’ brilliant research and analysis of Ireland is a celebration of success. In an easy-to-read style, he takes us to Deckland, that suburban state of mind where you will find the Kells Angels, Breakfast Roll Man, Low GI Jane and RoboPaddy. Come face to face with the You’re a Star generation, Billy Bunker, fair-trade Frank, Carrot Juice Contrarians and Bouncy Castle Brendan. We also meet the HiCos, Hibernian Cosmopolitans, the new elite whose distance from Deckland is measured by appreciations and cultivations that Deckland’s rampant credit just can’t buy.

Entertaining and informative, The Pope’s Children told of the vast surge of ambition, money, optimisim and hope in Ireland during the boom.

A highly entertaining antidote to the usual gloom mongers of
Ireland's opinion-mongers...a hedonistic story of success.' -
The Guardian

Meet The Pope’s Children, the beneficiaries of Wonderbra Economics.

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