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Notes from a Coma

Mike McCormack

Floating in a maintained coma on a prison ship off the west coast of Ireland, his coma goes viral and the nation turns to watch.

Brilliantly imagined and artfully constructed - merging science fiction with an affectionate portrait of small town Ireland - Notes from a Coma is a compassionate examination of a man cursed with guilt and genius.


"The greatest Irish novel of the decade just ended."- Irish Times

"Adventurous and ambitious" - Colm Tóibín

"McCormack's language is lovely, lyrical . . . his humor is dark, macabre; the words glimmer like a spell"  -Time Out

"McCormack's obsessions at times converge with those explored by Ian McEwan, Will Self and J. G. Ballard, but his clever ideas and fluid, gracefully morbid style are all his own" - GQ

"A cross between 1984 and The X-Files . . . Notes From a Coma establishes McCormack as one of the most original and important voices in contemporary Irish fiction" - Irish Times

"The finest book yet from one of Ireland's most singular contemporary writers."- Matt Bell, author of In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods

"The testimony about JJ's life is written with a sad and touching simplicity ... Intriguing." - Wall Street Journal

"Subtle but haunting storytelling mixes with an insightful examination into the ethics of the penal system to produce an unusual and unforgettable read." - Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

After suffering a catastrophic breakdown, J.J. O'Malley volunteers for a government project exploring the possibility of using coma as a means to keep prisoners under control.

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