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Lying in Wait

Liz Nugent

On the surface, Lydia Fitzsimons has the perfect life--wife of a respected, successful judge, mother to a beloved son, mistress of a beautiful house in Dublin. That beautiful house, however, holds a secret. And when Lydia's son, Laurence, discovers its secret, wheels are set in motion that lead to an increasingly claustrophobic and devastatingly dark climax.


“An extraordinary novel. Lying in Wait crackles and snaps like a bonfire on a winter’s night; you shudder even as you draw closer to it. Spellbinding.”- A.J. Finn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“This is a whydunit, not a whodunit, and the real meat lies in Nugent's exploration of motherhood, mental illness, and what could drive a person to murder… A page-turner chock full of lies and betrayals and a very creepy mother-son relationship.” - Kirkus Reviews

"It spoils nothing to tell you now that Lydia and Andrew Fitzsimons have murdered a young prostitute. Read this dark, captivating psychological thriller to find out why."- People

"Nugent tells a brilliant tale—taut, horrifying, chilling. Characters are vividly drawn... complex and fascinating. It is a dark tale, but there is enough dark humor to keep the reader from sinking in too deeply. The difficult part is tearing yourself away from it. If you like psychological thrillers, “Lying in Wait” is perfect."- Fredericksburg Free Lance Star

“A devastating psychological thriller... Lydia is the most intriguing puzzle; equal parts victim and villain, she simultaneously inspires pity, outrage, and horror. The result is an exquisitely uncomfortable, utterly captivating reading experience." - Starred Review Publishers Weekly

"I absolutely loved this astute, psychologically complex crime novel."- Crime By The Book

"Though we know Lydia and Andrew Fitzsimmons’ big secret by the end of the first sentence of Nugent’s book, it’s why they did it that initially remains a mystery. The secret may be out, but the intrigue remains." - Brit + Co

“Nugent’s chilling tale of the sociopathic mind… Readers who love sinister psychological thrillers will tear through these pages to discover how far Lydia will go to keep her son at home, and what accidents will befall those who cross her.” - Starred Review Library Journal

‘Taut, crisp, clear, a storm-warning of a book. It has the eeriness of The Turn of the Screw; but as these screws turn, a mighty tension takes hold. Masterly.’ - Sebastian Barry, Laureate of Irish Fiction.

“Gone Girl fans will love Liz Nugent's Lying in Wait ... it twists, it turns, its characters are utterly despicable and it is a compulsive triumph” -Stylist

''A stunningly talented writer” - Sophie Hannah

“The intricate plotting and jolting suspense hold you in a vice till the last page” - Sunday Times

“Clear your diary if you pick up this seductively sinister story. The twists come together in a superbly scary denouncement which delivers a final sting in the tail. Brilliantly macabre” - Sunday Mirror

“Brilliant plotting ratchets up the tension in this chilling tale of obsessive love, madness and motherhood” - Woman & Home

“The wit is sharp and the plot full of punishing twists” - The Times Crime Club

“An unputdownable psychological thriller with an ending that lingers long after turning the final page” - Irish Times

“An excellent example of "Domestic Noir" ... excitement and curiosity mount until you realise you can't put the book down. Highly recommended.” - Literary Review

“A tense, taut, almost gothic thriller where the tension tightens to near unbearable proportions ... impossible to stop reading. A brilliantly written, stand-out novel” - Marian Keyes

“Deliciously twisted, shot through with dark and acid humour and the denouement is truly chilling” - Sarah Hilary

“Liz Nugent's characters are as unforgettably monstrous as they are believable. A superbly crafted novel and an absorbing portrait of the purest kind of evil” - Jane Casey

“I thought it impossible to match the brilliant Unravelling Oliver, but this Liz has done. Not only is her style beautiful, but she keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from page one until the completely unexpected ending. I read Lying in Wait in one sitting. I just couldn't bear the suspense. I absolutely loved it.” - Amanda Redman

“She writes compellingly, creates posh sociopaths like no-one else and doesn't flinch when the end demands what it demands. Lying In Wait is a story you genuinely should not miss” - Rick O'Shea, RTÉ

“The characters are complex, the writing is dark and disturbing, and the story is just flat out creepy. This is the first novel I have read by Liz Nugent, but she is a mystery/thriller author that should be added to everyone’s shelves."- Dwell In Possibility

“Lying In Wait is one of those novels that keeps readers in a permanent state of imbalance. Just when you think you have things figured out, Nugent throws everything off-kilter again. Readers who first encountered Nugent’s work only recently will be thrilled with this new-to-us thriller --- and will be thronging for even more of her excellent work to make its way across the pond" -

My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.

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