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Hidden Lies

Rachel Ryan

All children have imaginary friends. It's perfectly normal.

But when Georgina's young son Cody tells her about his 'New Granny', a mysterious friend from the park, the words send shivers down her spine. Georgina's beloved mother died only months ago.

Her husband Bren is certain the woman is an invention, Cody's way of grieving for his grandmother, but there's something in the way Cody talks about his new friend that feels so real.

Is someone out there, watching Georgina's family from the shadows?

Is Cody's imaginary friend not so imaginary after all?

'I didn't put it down until I had turned the final page' -LIZ NUGENT

'Gripping . . . a bright new voice in psychological thrillers'

'Tense, unsettling' -T.M. LOGAN

'Full of twists and chills' -PATRICIA GIBNEY

'Pacy, clever and tense' -JO SPAIN

'Gripping and unpredictable - my heart is still pounding!'- SAM BLAKE

'Eerie and unsettling' -CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

What if your child's imaginary friend was real?

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