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Emerald Germs of Ireland

Pat McCabe

Meet Pat McNab, forty five years old, often to be found propping up the bar of Sullivan's Select Bar (not that Mrs McNab knew that - oh, no - she and Timmy the barman didn't get along at all) or sitting on his mother's knee singing away together like some ridiculous two-headed human juke box. But that was before we begin the story - Emerald Germs of Ireland could, more accurately described as Pat McNab's post-matricide year...Patrick McCabe's new book tells the stories in the life of Pat McNab - a soft lad who is living with his dead mother and fending off the meddlesome ways of his small town neighbours. Mrs Tubridy, the turf man and the like. It has some quite golden moments of comedy as well as the maniacal twists and turns that are the hallmarks of McCabe's genius.

One of Patrick McCabe's funniest books 'There is something special about the relationship we all have with our mothers...'

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