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Angels and Rabies

Manchán Magan

"Angels and Rabies" is a true story, which delves into the culture and sociological makeup of the Americas, from its conquistador pioneers to today's Disney Channel aficionados. Mocha, an inquiring and slightly unhinged young man, finds himself amidst the marginalised wherever he is: shamans murdering missionaries; Israeli conscripts seeking absolution; tree-huggers in love with loggers; cannabis growers influencing the CIA with mind-meld techniques; women addicted to menstrual blood; and enema junkies seeking enlightenment. By burrowing beneath the skin of alternative societies from Ecuador to Seattle, Mocha reveals a radiograph of the bones and nerve-endings that make up the Americas. It's a poignant and farcical book, wise and deranged; about adventure, love, transcendence and aspiration.

Angels and Rabies follows the experiences of Mocha/Manchan on a journey through the Americas, from a primal screaming commune in the Columbian Andes to contracting rabies in the Peruvian rainforest and falling in love with a Hollywood star.

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